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Unified communications (UC) refers to a trend in business to simplify and integrate all forms of communications. It is typically a combination of communication system, software program and infrastructure improvement. In general, it allows an individual to send or receive a message on one medium and received on another, make a contact from one system across to another system. For example, one can receive a voice mail message and then read it in their email inbox using a unified communications program.

The communications leveraged by this term can include phone, e-mail, chat, voice mail, presence services, and fax. Commserv's solution unifies these communication mediums so that any activity or message can be easily transferred to another. A successful implementation can automate and unifies all forms of human and device communications into a common user experience. Gains in efficiency can result through an optimization of business processes and enhancing human communications, reducing latency, managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.

Business benefits of unified communications

Unified communications helps businesses and enterprises to streamline information delivery and ensure ease of use. Human delays are also minimized or eliminated, resulting in better, faster interaction and service-delivery for the customer, and cost savings for the business. Unified communications also allows for easier, more direct collaboration between co-workers and with suppliers and clients, even if they are not physically on the same site. This allows for possible reductions in business travel, especially with multi-party voice or video communications, reducing an organization's carbon footprint.

Who is it for?

Unified communications is very useful for knowledge workers, information workers, and service workers alike, many of whom may cross the lines between the three sectors on a daily or hourly basis, depending on the task and the client. With an increasingly mobile workforce, businesses are rarely centralized in one location. Unified communications facilitates this on-the-go, always-available style of communication. In addition, unified communications technology can be tailored to each person’s specific job or to a particular section of a company.

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