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With 35+ years of experience in the enterprise market, CommServ team is well known to provide relevant solutions and excellent services to our customers in all sectors.  From enterprise communications solution to vertical market solutions, Commserv is able to provide the solutions and constantly adding solutions portfolios and capability to broaden our scope.

Over the years, CommServ has established the expertise for a full range of products.  We provide a wide range of communication solutions for large enterprise as well as small all-in-one communication products for SMEs.  And with additions of unified communication solution, we are able to implement with complete integration suits for customers' unified messaging and unified communication needs.

Companies which wish to handle large volume of customer communication and provide better services may setup a contact centre using our solutions.  With CommServ's Solidus eCare Contact Centre solution and customization service from our technical team, a fully integrated multimedia contact centre can be setup to meet the market demand.

Still using legacy fax machines to send large volume of documents to your clients?  Try our award winning fax solution and reduce your papers and man-power footprint.

The newest additional to our solution family is the PDH/SDH cross-connect multiplexer systems to utilize the bandwidth.  With this higher sophisticated system, a mission critical transmission network can be built with confidence.

For customers who need a hospitality solution for the hotel, resort and even restaurant chain, we carry a range of integrated products to help you building a "home" for your clients.

Some of the solutions provided by CommServ over the years:

  • High volume call centre for taxi booking centre
  • Multimedia contact centre for insurance company 
  • Weather Information Dissemination System for Meteorological Office
  • VoIP system for large enterprise
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