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Multisun TCR 2000 Single Line Recorder



MicroLog TCR-2000 is an excellent telephone recording solution that is completely self-contained, compact, affordable and equipped with advanced features on par or even exceed those found in PC-based voice logger.

From regulatory compliance, phone transaction risk management, staff coaching to auditing requirements, Microlog TCR2000 is the ideal solution.

TCR2000 Key features

  • Plug & Play design with hassle free direct connection.
  • Support Analog, Digital, VoIP phones, UHF/VHF Radio & iDen Radio.
  • SD storage technology, with up to 5,440hrs recording (on 32GB SDHC Card)
  • Standard AC power, with built in Battery powered option.
  • Built in microphone for room recording
  • Built in standard 3.5mm speaker and earphone jack
  • Auto recording mode or Manual controlled recording option.
  • Recorded files are tagged with standard Date, Time, Duration, Caller ID*, Dialed No* information. More built-in information options are available too.
  • Encryption option on recording files feature.
  • Option to overwrite oldest recording file when memory card is full.
  • Call Announcement* option to sound pre-recorded announcement to all party in telephone conversion.
  • Software package to backup SD card recording files to files, search/playback recording files and convert recording files to wav/mp3 format.
  • Password control functions on TCR2000 recorder and PC software.




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