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Are you ready for the improved mobility and cost savings of converged communication? BusinessPhone from Aastra is an evolutionary step in the process of creating the best communication systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you need 8 or 250 extensions, you can benefit from high-quality, IP-based communication for voice, data and multimedia traffic. 

A reliable, high-quality IP solution The BusinessPhone IP solution lets you choose whether you want to use a combination of fixed, mobile or IP extensions, or switch over to a purely IP-based solution. Either way, BusinessPhone ensures that voice and stability are of premium quality, as always, and you can still enjoy all the PBX functionality of your current system. By evolving into IP, and integrating your voice and data networks, you’ll experience a wide range of benefits. You can set up cost saving voice and video communication, and lower your telecom bill by using solutions like IP networking to connect remote branch offices via the corporate network. Plus, with simplified maintenance, and the ability to quickly implement moves and changes, a single converged network helps decrease the total cost of ownership of your communication system over the long term. 

The all-in-one solution BusinessPhone lets you turn any phone connected to any public or private network into a full-featured telephone extension. With Mobile Extension, even home workers and traveling staff can use their remote fixed phones or mobile phones to benefit from system functions like callback, conference, attendant services, computer telephony integration, and much more. Mobile Extension also helps you gain control over costs by using features such as account codes or user profiles. Plus, mobile workers will appreciate having just one phone, whether they are in the office or on the move. 

The benefits of Unified Messaging To significantly improve productivity levels, BusinessPhone provides all end-users with a single point of access for voice-mail, e-mail and fax. Using Unified Messaging, you can forward voice-mail to groups, access messages remotely via the Internet, or keep in touch while you are out traveling. A notification via SMS allows immediate reaction on a new voice-mail, thereby improving your customer service and your own efficiency. 

A personalized approach To make communication even easier, you can choose between a range of contemporary cordless and fixed telephones. BackStage, the application used to provide Computer Telephony and IP Telephony, supports users in a more intuitive and user-friendly way. In the office, at home, or on the move, BackStage lets you manage your calls, access your corporate directories, e-mail, and voicemail messages from wherever you are, all according to your personal preferences. Easy to understand, it provides all the tools you need to keep up to date, and to inform others of where you are and how you can be reached. 

Designed to help you lead the way We understand that the smaller your company, the more nimble you need to be. That’s why BusinessPhone incorporates the latest technological innovations, and why it offers easy upgrades as new solutions become available. As you grow and change our converged architecture and integrated applications help your staff get more done quickly and easily, regardless of where they happen to be working, meeting or traveling. 

Solutions Areas BusinessPhone offers you a wide selection from different solution areas targeting the specific needs of small and medium-sizedenterprises. Combine one or more solution areas of your choice into BusinessPhone to tailor a communication solution to your needs.

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